Cristopher Makos and Paul Solberg are the Hilton Brothers. Makos (Lowell, Massachusetts, 1948) lived in New York in the 1960s and 1970s, was a photographer for Andy Warhol's Interview magazine and made the extraordinary series of 365 photos in which the Factory's pattern was traversed using all kinds of wigs. Solberg (Saint Paul, Minnesota, 1969) studied Anthropology trapped by photography who ends up becoming an artist. Separately they are interesting personalities, together they are surprising, and together and separated at the same time compose a very powerful exhibition: the baptized Mistaken identity, which can be seen in the Cultural Space Caja Madrid, Barcelona, ​​until next March 29.

JM Matri Font, EL PAIS, Spain
Andy Dandy "Four"

Por sua vez, Makos deve a Warhol seu conhecimento sobre como encarar a arte como negócio. “Muitos artistas pensam que podem apenas ser artistas e que o dinheiro tomará conta de si mesmo. Não é assim que funciona. Você precisa prestar muita atenção em como vender seu trabalho", disse. "Andy me ensinou isso melhor do que ninguém."

Provando que de fato aprendeu a lição, Makos pediu à reportagem do iG que o ajudasse a encontrar um comprador para "Andy Dandy Four", trabalho feito em conjunto com o também fotógrafo norte-americano Paul Solberg, com quem há nove anos estabeleceu uma parceria sob o nome de Hilton Brothers. 

Candy Girl (2011)
CNN Travel: How to see Stockholm like Stieg Larsson

Two artist-photographers have traced the footsteps of Stieg Larsson's crime-beating heroes to create a travel book with a Millennium series hook.

The travelogue "Tattoos Hornets Fire," produced in conjunction with VisitSweden, isn't a traditional, broad-view travel guide.

Instead, it shows readers where to eat like Larsson and live like Lisbeth Salander, the fictional protagonist of the writer's "Dragon Tattoo" novels.

Hiufu Wong, CNN
Photographers Christopher Makos and Paul Solberg discuss their collaboration, 'Tattoos, Hornets & Fire: The Millennium Sweden Photographs' Read More...
Andrew Belonsky, OUT Magazine
Berlin (2006) Paul Solberg
BERLIN — The European Month of Photography found The Hilton Brothers, aka Christopher Makos and Paul Solberg here for “Andy Dandy and Other Works,” a show of their works both as individual photographers and as a team at Galerie Hiltawsky at Tucholskystrasse 41. The show runs through Dec. 22. Read More...
Melissa Drier, WWD Interview

Christopher Makos lernte bei Man Ray, zeigte Andy Warhol wie man eine Kamera benutzt und machte ihn mit Michel Basquiat bekannt. Paul Solberg machte sich bislang vor allem durch seine Floral-Fotografien einen Namen. 2004 lernte er Christopher Makos kennen. Zusammen arbeiten sie seitdem als die Hilton Brothers. Sie stimmen ihre bunten Anzüge aufeinander ab und stellen gemeinsam aus. So zum Beispiel auch für "Andy Dandy and other works" in der Berliner Galerie Hiltawsky, in der wir die beiden New Yorker Fotografen zum Gespräch trafen.


Celebrities in bloom

Berlin is so full of art that it even crops up in somewhat unexpected places, such as the Art’otel Berlin City Center West.

Who would suspect that this modern building on the Lietzenburger Straße would house such an impressive collection of works from Andy Warhol and Warhol-photographer Christopher Makos. The latter recently took the Berlin&I team on a tour through the hotel’s corridors, where his and Warhol’s works hang side by side. Makos has captured Warhol’s encounters with famous personalities, such as John Lennon, Liza Minelli or Salvador Dali. They’re much too impressive to be only seen by the hotel guests!

A new book highlights the dreamy, the seedy and the atmospheric sides of Sweden, with a nod to the dark world of Stieg Larsson's Millennium Trilogy. Read More...
Thanks in no small part to Stieg Larsson's thrillers, Sweden is experiencing an "it" moment. Through the warrens of Stockholm and the wilds of the hinterlands, Larsson exposed readers to the breadth of his country's beauty, touching on noted monuments and the sub-cultural underbelly with equal measure. Read More...
Nick Schonberger, COMPLEX Art & Design

Moscow Interview, June 2012

Buro 24/7
Andy Dandy Fourteen

Christopher Makos était l'assistant, le bras droit de Warhol. Paul Solberg est également photographe, auteur d'un livre qui a fait date, Bloom. Les deux artistes se sont rencontrés il y a sept ans et, trouvant que leur sensibilité était proche, il ont décidé de s'unir pour former The Hilton Brothers, un nom qui sonne comme un groupe rock. Ils se sont amusés, par exemple, à photographier le même sujet et à comparer leur résultat et comment leur image exprime leur sensibilité. En studio, ils réunissaient les deux images pour en faire une seule. 1+1 = 3.

Madame Figaro
Girlpower (2011)

LIFE MAGAZINE - Winner 2011 Best Photo Blogs

La Lettre
It is a sunny October afternoon and I find myself sitting in front of my desk, with a blank stare fixed at my computer screen. Here I am: a writer at large working for an arts magazine who has been given the responsibility to write the main article for the upcoming issue; still, I have no clue what to write about. Nothing seems to happen in this town, nothing seems to fulfill me; and in spite of having sworn not to, I always find myself coming back to the subjects I promised to destroy. And now, as I am lying helpless, shuffling along in desperation and looking for something interesting to happen somewhere, it looks like my prays have been listened by something or someone much greater than me. Read More...
Article by Santiago Decarlini // Photography by Lucía Ferre, AKA International Photography
Bring on the gimps: the Hilton boys at work

The Hilton Brothers, who taught Andy Warhol all he knew, are taking Dublin by storm

La exposición fotográfica "Andy Dandy" expone por primera vez en Europa una colección de retratos del artista Andy Warhol ilustrados por The Hilton Brothers, y podrán observarse durante seis días en el Hotel Villa Padierna, situado en el municipio malagueño de Marbella Read More... (Malaga)
HILTON BROTHERS. Paul Solberg y Christopher Makos, junto al cartel de la muestra.
El artista ante otro creador. El maestro al otro lado del objetivo. El padrino de la policromía en blanco y negro. O las mil caras de un genio. Cualquier de estos titulares valdría para sintetizar un paseo por la exposición '10+5', de Christopher Makos y Paul Solberg, unidos bajo el nombre artístico de The Hilton Brothers. Read More...
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