Alpha-Eucalyptus (2005) at Museum Casa Encendida, Hilton Brothers show, Madrid (2009)
Christopher Henry Gallery 2012
Christopher Henry Gallery 2012
Gebert Contemporary Scottsdale, Arizona
Gebert Contemporary, Scottsdale, Arizona
Andy Dandy (2007) at Museum Casa Encendida, "Mistaken Identity" Hilton Brothers show, Madrid (2009)
Andy Dandy (2007) at Museum Casa Encendida, "Mistaken Identity" Hilton Brothers show (2009)
"Mistaken Identity" show, Barcelona (2010)
Andy Dandy (2007) at Museum Casa Encendida, "Mistaken Identity" Hilton Brothers show, Madrid (2009)
Andy Dandy Fifteen, Eighteen, 2007 Private Residence Berlin Germany
Andy Dandy "Four" [2] 44"x58"/223.6x147.3cm.
Andy Dandy "Eight" (2007)
"Mistaken Identity" at Museum Casa Encendida, Hilton Brothers (2009)
Miller Gallery (2013) Hilton Brothers, Makos, Solberg
Galerie Houard, Paris 2011
Work in Progress 13, G.Houard, Paris 2011
Valesquez, Hair-Do (HB) Epiphany (PS)
Hippofolium, Madrid
Hippofolium, Madrid
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Makos Solberg Hilton Brothers

where: Art Contemporanea, Bolsena at Palazzo Cozza Caposavi

when: Saturday, 10 September 2016, 7 p.m.

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Friday - September 9, 2016
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Bolsena Italy
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Montevideo, Uruguay
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For the first time presents a pictorial dimension to SWEDEN that has been introduced to so many readers of Stieg Larsson's luminous novels, and one that they have longed to know better. Stirring photography by internationally renowned photographers Paul Solberg and Christopher Makos, provide an ambience of the entirety of this beautiful, intriguing and widely unexplored country, not recently documented in book form.
Created with the collaboration and support of VisitSweden, the Swedish tourist board, compelling images created exclusively for this book by two photographers widely acknowledged as the best in their field along with definitive explanations of the sites and their histories by one of Sweden's foremost travel guides combine to create an important document in addition to a compelling read and visual tour de force.
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