Makos (left) Solberg (right)


7 Flowers

7 flowers act as the muse for the wall for 14 flower portraits that I selected for this exhibition.  It is an exercise of making one flower unrecognizable to itself.  I use natural and studio light, usually allowing time to do the work. I begin by photographing the flower in its natural state, upright and rigid. And then it is a process of keeping up with the changing light, while nurturing the beauty of the flowers final act.

As with photographing people, a few seconds can change everything.  It can be the sun going behind a building, and a new subject emerges. Or I will let the flower sit- for hours or days- and wait for the pedals to relax and excrete their oily metallic luster.  While the light moves, I remove a pedal, or its superfluous anatomy, encouraging the last moments of the flower’s life to be its most beautiful.    

Paul Solberg, New York City - 6 April 2017


My Black and  White photographs were chosen because of the subject matter, and how it relates to the "Agenda of Photography"

Years ago, probably in the 1970's to the 1990's "the Agenda of Photography" was so totally different than today, and these photos that I am showing are about the size, 16x20, and about the matter of multiples, and the story of food, and how we all need it, whether we eat it, or look at it, and this is the agenda of these photos, I am showing.

Christopher Makos,  New York City - March 30, 2017