FIRE 2007



7:00PM / 19:00


Palazzo Cozza Caposavi

Piazza San Rocco

An intimate window of two contrasting solo careers and their interwoven 12-year collaboration of Makos + Solberg.

ALONE TOGETHER is a selection of works both on and off-road, spanning 4 decades for one artist, and just over a decade for the other. The result is a compelling tapestry of both imagery and time, created only for this particular venue. “Bolsena has such rich artistic earth”, says Solberg + Makos. “From the Etruscans right up to the Arte Povera movement of the 60’s, the spirit of CyTwombly, Enrico Castellani, and Robert Rauschenberg still echo through the caves.”

Palazzo Cozza Caposavi - declared a national monument and part of the Italian Historic Houses Association - was erected in 1561 by Cardinal Tiberio Crispo to use it as his personal home. The locals were annoyed by his arrogance, and removed the cardinal Tiberio from the office of Governor of the Patrimony of St. Peter. At that time the building was divided into two different buildings: the one towards the castle became the property Cozza while that towards the Medici fountain became the property Caposavi.


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Along the ancient road that connects Orvieto with the Cassia through the country side we find the impressive size of a huge volcanic basin where it formed - in the Paleolithic period - a beautiful lake surrounded by green hills .

The city is positioned on the north shore of Lake Bolsena which owes its name to the lake.

This mysterious medieval village settlement was inhabited by the Etruscans first, and then the Romans. Bolsena flourished in the thirteenth century and remained this way for over 400 years, an area of ​​strategic and artistic importance.

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