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Puppies Behind Bars
Label: Glitterati, Inc New York
Released: October 5, 2007
Catalog Num: ISBN-10: 0976585154

PUPPIES BEHIND BARS: PHOTOGRAPHS is a distinctive showcase and witness to the amazing feats of man and dog when working together-as seen through the lenses of two world-class photographers given unique access to environments usually closed to the pubic eye. Encountering one of the trained puppies on its way to its final destination in a first-class airline cabin, renowned photo portraitist and chronologer Christopher Makos was mesmerized; he knew that this was not a usual dog.

Together with his working partner, Paul Solberg, these imaginative and accomplished photographers visually profile for the first time the extraordinary lives of the dogs from their initial meeting with their inmate trainers through the process of being trained, weekend visits with volunteers, and finally to their completion of the program and placements with needy individuals or organizations. Through artworks mean to appeal not only to dog lovers, but to anyone who cares about the grand purpose behind this amazing nonprofit, PUPPIES BEHIND BARS is commanding testimony

With more than 150 original full-color photographs accompanied by an authoritative text by founder Gloria Gilbert Stoga, that describes the beginnings of he nonprofit as well as words from various participants in the program, this book is a must-have for anyone who loves dogs, photography, or witnessing the generosity of the human spirit in action

From the Back Cover
"I love Puppies Behind Bars because it's a win-win situation. You have prisoners interacting with a living creature that loves them. They learn focus, responsibility, and self-esteem, and once a prisoner is released, they have a new beginning--a skill--with which to get a fresh start."
-Doris Roberts, Actor, "Everybody Loves Raymond"

"It's a paw-fect partnership. Wet-nosed pups are turning hardened criminals at top-security New York prisons into wet-eyed softies."
-New York Post

"The most modern photographer in America. I wish I could take pictures like that."
-Andy Warhol on Christopher Makos

"I am always looking for breakthrough and talented photographers--someone who has something 'new' to say..."
-Ralph Pucci about Paul Solberg

ARTMOCO The Modern & Contemporary Art Blog

We don't usually go in for cute, cuddly AND furry, but this book by Paul Solberg and Christopher Makos is full of heartwarming images of dogs that make a difference. Puppies Behind Bars: Training Puppies to Change Lives is a photographic look at an eighteen-week training program where eight-week-old puppies are placed with prison inmates who care for them. Once the training is complete, the puppies go on to work as service dogs in individual settings or government placements. It is definitely a feel-good program, but the pictures go further in opening our eyes to the power of the bond between man and dog.

Hardcover, 144 pages. Glitterati, 2007. $31.50 at Amazon.

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