Alpha-Eucalyptus (2005) at Museum Casa Encendida, Hilton Brothers show, Madrid (2009)
Christopher Henry Gallery 2012
Christopher Henry Gallery 2012
Gebert Contemporary Scottsdale, Arizona
Gebert Contemporary, Scottsdale, Arizona
Andy Dandy (2007) at Museum Casa Encendida, "Mistaken Identity" Hilton Brothers show, Madrid (2009)
Andy Dandy (2007) at Museum Casa Encendida, "Mistaken Identity" Hilton Brothers show (2009)
"Mistaken Identity" show, Barcelona (2010)
Andy Dandy (2007) at Museum Casa Encendida, "Mistaken Identity" Hilton Brothers show, Madrid (2009)
Andy Dandy Fifteen, Eighteen, 2007 Private Residence Berlin Germany
Andy Dandy "Four" [2] 44"x58"/223.6x147.3cm.
Andy Dandy "Eight" (2007)
"Mistaken Identity" at Museum Casa Encendida, Hilton Brothers (2009)
Miller Gallery (2013) Hilton Brothers, Makos, Solberg
Galerie Houard, Paris 2011
Work in Progress 13, G.Houard, Paris 2011
Valesquez, Hair-Do (HB) Epiphany (PS)
Hippofolium, Madrid
Hippofolium, Madrid
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ALONE TOGETHER is a selection of works both on and off-road, spanning 4 decades for one artist, and just over a decade for the other. The result is a compelling tapestry of both imagery and time, created only for this particular venue.

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We met brilliant musician and nature boy Arthur Knoerr on our New York stoop as he was waiting for a show at the Village Vanguard. We spent that musical weekend...
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It is hard to imagine the pace and extent of change in China over the 26 years that separate Christopher Makos's photographs of Andy Warhol in China 1982, from the 2008 collaborative work done with Paul Solberg. Makos returned with Solberg to China in one sense to revisit the places he had seen with Warhol. What they photographed, and what they both briefly describe in this article is the experience of visiting the incredible phenomenon that is China today. Shown together on these pages for the first time, these images from trips to China in 1982 and 2008 form a vivid visual affirmation that China has indeed achieved Mao's long-held aim, the "Great Leap Forward". What perhaps was beyond Mao's imagination (or anyone's, in fact) was how this change to a place and culture of great historical tradition would take shape, and just what the ever-evolving results would look and feel like....
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