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NEW from Christopher Makos and Paul Solberg  A series of 50  Prints, Available exclusivley at the Makostudio, New York, New York

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Hilton Brothers - Makos - Solberg - OPENING
May 3, 2013

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This work features the catalog of the exhibition 'Mistaken Identity' by The Hilton Brothers (Christopher Makos and Paul Solberg). The Hilton Brothers artistic duo emerged as a result of a series of collaborations between the two artists. While travelling a few years ago, they realised that they were interested in the same themes and, as something of a joke, decided to photograph the same things. The idea of identity - who took which photo and why was the difference discernible - led them to begin a series of diptychs in which they would photograph two objects separately but then put them together in the same print. This marked the beginning of their exploration of other collaborative projects. The Hilton's photographs reveal a naive perspective diffused by a certain contemporary cynicism. Captured on their travels around the world, their images are the outcome of subdivisions and reconstructions in which the different locations of places are merely panels of aesthetic snippets combined to produce works which form an intrinsic part of their philosophy of life, taste and American culture....
The Hilton Brothers