Hotel Skeppsholemen 2011
City Hall Stockholm 2011
Millesgarden Stockholm May 2011
Cafe Xoko Stockholm May 2011
Old Town Stockholm 2011
Ida Rislow Stockholm 2011
Vasa Museum Stockholm 2011
Skansen Stockholm 2011
Fluxshop Stockholm May 2011
SAS Backeberga Hackeberg Slott May 2011
Grand Hotel 2011
Design Museum Gotenborg May 2011
Anton Hysen Goteborg May 2011
Fiskebackskil Grunsund May 2011
Grundsund Sweden 2011
Pilane Tjorn, Sweden May 2011
Malmo, Sweden May 2011
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NEW from Christopher Makos and Paul Solberg  A series of 50  Prints, Available exclusivley at the Makostudio, New York, New York

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Shanghai China
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Well Paired, The Hilton Brothers Christopher Makos and Paul Solberg talk with LP about their upcoming body of work inspired by their travels in China.
Some people stand out in a room. The Hilton Brothers command it. When I first met the artistic duo in Shanghai, their matching retro checkered suits pierced through a room of monotone black and white worn by an audience gathered to see them. They stood out. They were in town to promote their exhibition and book Warhol in China by Makos , a collection of photographs by Christopher Makos –one half of the Hilton Brothers – dating back to a trip in 1986 when the budding photographer accompanied Andy Warhol to China. The talk was lucid, witty and full of Makos’ fantastical tales of celebrity and all that comes with the glitz and glam of holding a lens inside Warhol’s “Factory”....
The Hilton Brothers