February 12, 2012
Solberg + Makos and the Christopher Henry Gallery NYC

The two had been in Makos's New York studio, each proofing his own large format prints on the ground, when they realized how beautiful their images-Makos' muscular photos of horses; Solberg's striking closeups of flowers-looked together. "And from there, we just started jamming," says Solberg. The Hilton Brothers (their name references Siamese twin vaudeville stars from the 1930s) have since produced numerous diptych series, many of them incorporating photos from their extensive travels together, and some-most notably, "Andy Dandy," (above) which pairs Makos' portraits of Warhol in a wig with Solberg's florals-using older shots. This week, a wide selection of their work goes on view in Tyrants + Lederhosen, an exhibit at the Christopher Henry Gallery that accompanies the release of their magnum opus by the same name. Photos by Makos of Jean-Michel Basquiat and O.J Simpson with a gun to his head hang alongside Solberg's soaring shots of airplanes and aerial views of parking lots. But it doesn't really matter who took what; far more fascinating is the dialogue that emerges between the images.
"Tyrants + Lederhosen" runs February 9 - March 4, 2012 at Christopher Henry Gallery, 127 Elizabeth Street, NYC; christopherhenrygallery.com

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